Licensing Register - Marriage Licence
Licences Granted for Licence Number: 869523

Further Information on Licence Number: 869523

Property details

Licence number: 869523
Trading name and address: Belair House
Beauberry House Gallery Road
SE21 7AB
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Ward: Dulwich Village
Telephone: 020 8299 9788

Responsible Persons

Licence Holder: Belair Mansion Limited
Responsible Person: Ioan Gabriel Lita - General Manager
Deputy: Natasha Mcvey - Events Manager

Licence details

Licence type: Marriage Licence
Date granted: August 23 2019
Expiry date: August 21 2022

Licensable activities and conditions

Licensed Areas: Dining Room - 60
  The Ballroom - 80

Contact us

  Southwark Licensing Team
3rd Floor, Hub 1
PO BOX 64529
Telephone: 020 7525 5748