Marriage Licence - Licences Granted

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Licence Number Address Ward Expiry Date
864301 Kingswood House
Single Storey Portakabin, Kingswood House Seeley Drive London SE21 8QN
 Dulwich Wood August 17 2021
865487 Dulwich Picture Gallery
Dulwich Picture Gallery Gallery Road London SE21 7AD
 Dulwich Village January 28 2022
865029 Sea Containers London
20 Upper Ground London SE1 9PD
 Borough and Bankside January 10 2022
866314 Dulwich College
Dulwich College Dulwich Common London SE21 7LD
 Dulwich Wood July 07 2022
866532 Hilton Bankside
Hilton London Bankside 2-8 Great Suffolk Street London SE1 0UG
 Borough and Bankside March 07 2022